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Customer Experience Statistics: Trends of 2022​

52% of all internet traffic now comes from mobile phone, with desktop usage on a trending decline.

- $35.3B is lost every year by US businesses in customer churn caused by avoidable CX issues, such as fair treatment.

91% of customers who are unhappy with customer service choose to switch businesses without intimation. Another showed 49% of consumers have left a brand in the past year due to poor customer experience.

- 70% of unhappy customers, who managed to get their problems resolved, are open to shopping with the same business again because of good service.

- 36% of consumers will share their customer service experience, whether good or bad. More than one-third report posting on Facebook, followed closely by Instagram. 

- $20 billion in sales is lost by eCommerce revenue each year because of cart abandonment, and rising.

- 74% of consumers are at least somewhat likely to buy based on experiences alone.

- 66% of consumers say they will share personal data about themselves if they think it will elevate their customer experience.

- 53% of shoppers believe their feedback doesn’t go to anyone who can act on it.

- 60% of consumers report that they will become repeat buyers after a personalized purchasing experience. 

- 61% of consumers will pay at least 5% more if they know they’ll get a good customer experience.

- 40% of customers prefer talking to a real person over the phone for Interactions, such as payment disputes. 


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