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The E-Experience That Lasts a Lifetime

Bridging the gap between brands & consumers by utilizing 

technology + people to maximize LTV and build unbreakable bonds that last forever.

1.) Tech/Automation
2.) People / Human Element
3.)  Combination of 1 + 2
The Winning Formula 

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"E-Custmr listened, asked all the right questions, and then navigated my team to whole new set of tools and softwares to use for our Customer Experience department.

They have also helped us understand which metrics are the most important to keep an eye on and how to maximize them, ultimately leading to a much better customer experience.

We’ve only gone upwards since! We appreciate you!📈"

"I hired Nick to work with me in 2018 on implementing strategic Customer Experiences Strategies like abandoned cart call back strategy for multiple brands.


While on the team(s), we not only had the high support inquiries in our companies history that he was able to help tame refunds & save attrition, but also utilize the high touch to results eventually leading to building out supplements to our omni-channel strategies.

Projects with Nick involved are always moved in a progressive direction."

Value Adds & Services Provided

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Strategy & Consulting:

Hiring & Maintain High Level Employees & Key Vendor 

 Discover, Design, Define:

Department Creation & guidance, Campaign Oversight & Development

Develop. Deliver, Drive:

Customer Journey Contact Points & Tracking Customer Journeys 

Optimization Enablement: 

KPI's, Key Profit Driver & Growth Plan Audit & Installment

White Waves

"How to drive $1mil+ /year in outbound phone calls."
(Snow Cosmetics: eCom Fuel, The World’s Largest Community of 7- and 8-Figure Store Owners, 2022) 

E-CUSTMR is a leader in solution oriented customer experience consulting that provides provides systems, resources, guidance, training, education, and/or staffing to help simplify, optimize, and monetize the customer experience for companies & brands.

E-CUSTMR is committed to delivering value in any exchange and relationship

with any interaction and resources offered in the experience.

Adapting to a New Age World

As the commerce picked up with rapid pace in 2020, we customer journeys drastically shift to digital channels in response.

In 2021, we customer journeys drastically shift to digital channels. Companies across several industries continued this trend, finding sophisticated ways to stand out in a digital-first world putting their customer first.

Through built and proven processes, industry resources, and valuable principles & strategies there is direct takeaways on how to simplify, optimize, and monetize with processes making the customer experience seamless and profitable as possible. 


Proven Solutions That Work:

Cost Cutting & Revenue Advancing CX Engagement Tactics

Attrition Enhancement & Chargeback Protection

Existing Customer Loyalty Strategies Advancing Revenue & Cutting Costs

Through top 10 Shopify companies in the world, E-Custmr has been able to create customer rich strategies that serve purpose for the brand, the customer and last forever.


Consistency & Passionate

Customer Experience in today's digital world is chaotic, is deemed as frightening, and confusing for most; especially in the D2C world. 

E-CUSTMR lives for building a framework to navigate the on going obstacles that happen in the customer journey. 

As journey tracking becomes more sophisticated, companies will need to augment journeys with data and build stronger connections to all parts of their business.

To deliver the best experiences possible, retain customers, inspire loyalty, eliminate backfire scenarios and win back customers who churn, brands need to make customer experience the heart of how they do business.

2021 data shows that while the channel mix, use cases and challenges may differ by industry,

every company can benefit from a smart, customer-centric digital journey approach.

In 2022, more brands will leave behind formulaic marketing and CX efforts to adopt bold new approaches to deliver exceptional experiences that last forever and E-Custmr serves to be a valuable resource. 

“The Customer Experience is the SUM of all touch points a customer encounters with the brand,

and the FEELING that comes from the product,

those interactions, and the overall journey."

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Introduction & Methodology

Over the past several years, we have seen a powerful shift in customer expectations for better experience, quality, efficiency from online retailers more than ever before.


Facing this climate across the number of digital channels climbing is not an easy feet.

As online product sales are projected to skyrocket to reach $1.065 Trillion by 2023, so does the CUSTOMER EXPECTATION to keep up of brands to keep up with the demand at its highest level.


With increased competition for paid marketing efforts across all platforms, we serve in leading brands are turning to retention marketing to scale their business and increase their profits while spending less just by tapping into their existing customer base.


Facing more operational and direct customer adversity during the pandemic that ones can fathom, we learned how to accelerate and fulfill customer expectations beyond its years. In turn, create extraordinary experiences that build unbreakable bonds where customers by forever and employees stick around forever.


Working side by side with businesses that primary focus in the online retail space, we see that meeting consumer preferences has become increasingly challenging for any businesses, as a result of the growing volume of service interactions and the growing number of consumer digital channels in play.


Organizations are looking for insights and research to guide their planning and to make sure they have technology in place to meet consumer preferences for digital service, and to identify priorities for improvement that will make the biggest difference for the customer experience they deliver.

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